We develop complex project sto guarantee work groups to operate in an efficient, structured and effective way to achieve business objectives in compliance with the highest level of service:


Support for the opening of a restaurant/bar through professional who have expertise from creating a business model to all related processes;

Specific staff training on food/service techiniques both during opening and to improve/refocus business model;

Compensation, potential evaluation, incentive and welfare policy, recruiting and headhunting activities;

Assessment and corrective actions to support current activities in order to focus on the business model;

Needs analysis, in terms of skills and environment in order to provide immediate solutions;

Support for the network development for both direct and franchising activities, real estate, formats design;

New openings, start-up, planning to launch activities;

Strategic management, operational consultancy, branding and communication;

Corporate reorganization, restructuring;

Outsourcing HR dept.